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Albion Online Armory: Its Equipements As Well As Weapons & Spells
Currently, Albion Armory news revealed, we can take a closer look at the build that won the Battle Royale Tournament earlier this year, In addition, it's worth mentioning that the Equipment and Weapon of Albion. In order to avoid as much conflict as possible, the Trickster build utilizes stealth and displacement in combination with cooldown reduction. More cheap albion online for sale, and welcome to visit: http://www.upalbion.com.

Main Hand: Bloodletter

First Spell: Lunging Stabs 
Dashes to a ground target location, dealing Physical Damage to any enemy in the way. The damage amount depends on each enemy's remaining health. The damage is higher if the target's health is below 40%. 

Second Spell: Sunder Armor 
An attack dealing Physical Damage and reducing the target's Armor and Magic Resist by -15 for eight seconds. 

Third Spell: Infiltration 
Set a destination that you will jump to after a short delay, releasing a smoke bomb at your destination. The bomb deals damage, and puts any enemy target in the area to sleep. 

Off-hand: Mistcaller 
Mistcaller’s single purpose is to further reduce your cooldowns as much as possible. Changing to a Shield or a Torch would also be an option but lower cooldowns mean less time visible and a shorter timeframe before your next burst. 

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