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Albion Equipment: Armor And Assassin Jacket & Hood
In Albion, weapons and spells are decide to you whether you are winner or not. Needless to say, any Albion gamers are eager to get more weapons and spells, and to improve their skills. Of course, gamers adhere to buy albion online gold in the process of gaming. 

However, As all your skills but Sunder Armor have a high cooldown, your mobility once engaged is completely based on your movement speed. Due to that, all your armor pieces will use the passive spell Increased Move Speed to ensure at least a minimum amount of mobility. 

Assassin Jacket: Ambush 
Turn invisible for maximum eight seconds. Your first attack out of invisibility will have increased damage, the longer you stay invisible, the higher the damage buff. Attacking or casting or moving too far away from the activation spot breaks the invisibility. Ambush can be used in a lot of different situations. Offensively it will greatly increase the damage dealt by Lunging Stabs and used on a target below 40% often ensures a quick kill. It's said to that cheap albion online gold for sale

Assassin Hood: Meditation 
While channeling, all spells on cooldown will recover much faster. It can shorten cooldown times by up to ten seconds. As the build focuses as much on as much cooldown reduction as possible, Meditation is the obvious choice. This handy two second channel can either be used to shorten the time for your stealth, burst and crowd control.

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